Facial Treatments and Skin Care

Facial Treatments and Skin Care
This course combines the best of both worlds, we start your online learning through the beauty guild portal then once that is complete you begin the SQA Facial therapy treatment techniques course at SCQF Level 7.  This is a flexible learning course with a minimum of 4 days attendance depending on your experience and qualifications. We recommend the course is done over 8 day sessions treating clients to cover all aspects of the qualification.
The demonstrations are followed by students repeating the treatment working towards the standards required. On successful completion you can go on to more advanced training like microneedling, chemical peels, LED and other therapies. 
The outcomes to learn are: 


Outcome 1

Consult with the client to plan facial therapy treatments.

Knowledge and/or skills

  • Consultation techniques
  • Communication skills
  • Lifestyle, occupation, age, medical history, physical and emotional condition
  • Contra-indications and special care
  • Skin types, tones, ethnicity, conditions and skin disorders
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic ageing
  • Effects and benefits of facial therapy products
  • The ability to explain the processes and effects of the chosen facial treatment
  • Treatment aims/plan and treatment compatibility
  • Physical and psychological effects of the treatment
  • Recording of the facial therapy plan

Outcome 2

Prepare and perform facial therapy treatments.

Knowledge and/or skills

  • Preparation of the treatment environment
  • Health and safety legislation
  • Client preparation
  • Therapist posture methods used should relate to the original treatment plan
  • Treatment performancecleanse, tone, moisturise
  • Skin analysisskin tone, texture and skin ethnicity
  • Skin type, skin condition, skin disorders
  • Exfoliation types
  • Preheat treatments
  • Extraction
  • Facial, décolletage and scalp massage and mask therapy benefits
  • Cosmetic science (Humectants, emollients, emulsifiers, polypeptides, fats, oils, waxes)
  • Name and position of lymph nodes relative to facial therapy treatments
  • Contra actions and adverse reactions
  • Timing and sequence
  • Effective use of Products/treatments homecare and aftercare advice
  • Retailing recommendations: skin care/homecare routine
  • Information for future treatments

Outcome 3

Evaluate the effectiveness of the facial therapy treatments.

Knowledge and/or skills

  • Observation of results
  • Client feedback
  • Assessor feedback
  • Self-reflections on performance
  • Treatment success related to stated aims
  • Effects and benefits of treatment (physical and psychological effects of the treatment)
  • Treatment plan amendments


Course Information

Course Start 21-08-2024 10:00 am
Course Cost £275.00
Tutor Carol Hendrie
Location Haypark Business Centre, Professional Salon Training Room 22